When I first had the idea to write this blog post I was going to write about what sobriety means to me. But I thought that may be a bit boring! So I put the question out on Instagram, asking everyone out there what sobriety means to them. These were just some of the responses I had:

‘Right now, everything! I’ve been reborn/ have a second chance’

‘Getting a second chance to do life better’

‘Living, instead of trying to escape’

‘It means everything to me. Happiness, freedom, enthusiasm, an exciting life’


‘I got my life back’

‘Living my life to the fullest’

‘It’s the basis upon which everything positive in my life right now has been built’

‘Control, stability, peace and happiness’

‘Finally finding out who I am and loving that person’

‘Freedom from the constant negative voice in my head’

Imagine…… just imagine if these were the advertised benefits of a product like a health pill? Everyone would buy it right? I certainly would! But what people just don’t understand is that to get these benefits you don’t have to go through the expense of buying a pill, or the bother to remember to take it every morning. You can experience these benefits and spend less money and not have to remember to take anything.

They say happiness comes from within. I agree. True happiness comes when you have stripped back the crap and are content with who you are and what you have. True happiness doesn’t have consequences like a hangover, losing something or an argument with your partner. You can’t create true happiness by drinking something.

What does sobriety mean to me? Easy. True happiness.