Sober Skin Sisters Community

A community of like-minded women supporting each other to make healthier decisions around their drinking habits.

This community is for you if…

You have tried to cut down your drinking but found it harder than you thought.

You have started to feel ashamed, and a bit scared, by how much you drink.

You are worried about the effect drinking may have on your physical and emotional health.

You find that one drink just isn't enough, so you tend to reach for more.

A Female Centred Community

A membership that focuses specifically on the issues women face when trying to cut down or quit drinking.


Imagine if…

  • You were surrounded by women, just like you, who get you and understand your struggles.
  • You were able to go on a night out and happily not drink alcohol.
  • You didn’t feel the need for a drink every time you felt stressed, upset or angry.
  • Mornings filled with anxiety, wondering what you said or did the night before are a thing of the past.
  • You weren’t obsessed with the level of your wine glass!

What women are saying…

I’m not alone. Seeing so many other women battle with their drinking– and these are bright, funny, kind women. I’ve always hated myself for my relationship with alcohol, thinking I was weak and there was something wrong with me. But seeing other functioning, good women going through their battles has taught me alcohol has a lot to answer for!



Being part of Sober Skin Sisters has really helped me to understand that being sober is nothing to be scared of and has opened my eyes to the huge positives and massive gains of being sober. This group is a fantastic support of like-minded women led by a truly inspirational coach in Rhian.


Social Worker

I feel amazing, my energy levels have increased and I’ve lost weight. The group has not only made me accountable, but I’ve gained a new family and support network. We are all like-minded women and share our journey into sobriety. And best of all, my husband says he’s got his wife back!


Civil Servant

A Self-Care Centred Community

Because getting sober requires so much more than just not drinking!


Are you Ready?

Have you heard enough?

Is it time to change your drinking forever?

You can access this community for less than the cost of 3 bottles of wine a month!!!!




(2 months free)

Hi! I’m Rhian,

I live in Swansea, South Wales with my husband and two daughters .

I quit alcohol on Saturday 14th March 2020 after 15 years of worshipping wine. I became a sober coach because I found the lack of support available frustrating. As a woman, and more specifically a mother, I felt I couldn’t talk to anyone about my drinking problem and felt very ashamed.

As an IPHM approved therapist my mission is to provide women with a safe, open and non-judgemental environment to talk through their issues and empower them to make positive changes.


A Choice Centred Community

Stopping drinking is a choice, not an imposition!


What you get inside the Community…

Private Facebook Group

Access to a private Facebook group for support, encouragement and community. It’s where it’s all happening!

Goal Setting Sessions

These monthly sessions, held on the last Sunday of each month, are a chance to reflect on what well (and maybe what didn’t). But also plan for the month ahead.


Monthly Coaching & Challenges

Monthly coaching videos with workbooks to accompany, for you to really dig deep into how it’s relevant for you. You’ll also have a challenge to help put it into practice.

Group Support Sessions (Zoom)

Fortnightly sessions to get together and chat about how it’s going for you. Anything goes in these sessions, whether it’s issues or successes, it’s an open floor.

Exclusive Discounts

Exclusive discounts for many brands associated with sober living and self-care.

Mocktail Recipes

Just because you’ve quit drinking, doesn’t mean you can’t have a fancy drink, right? You’ll find mocktail recipes to help curb the cravings!

Are you done?

If you are fed up of being on that merry-go-round of drinking, then cutting down, drinking, then cutting down. Look no further, this is the community for you!




(2 months free)

A Challenge Centred Community

Challenging societal views that have been ingrained in us as we were growing up.


What you gain…

  • Freedom to know you do not have to drink again. It is your decision.
  • No more worry or guilt about how your drinking is affecting those close to you.
  • Feeling empowered, to stand up to peer pressure from friends on a night out.
  • No more hangxiety, worrying about what you said or did the night before.
  • Peace of mind, knowing you are no longer damaging yourself.

  • A ready made community of like-minded friends who want the same things as you.
  • A much less clunky bottle bag on bin day. You know what I’m talking about!


What if I don't want to stop drinking forever?

It’s fine! The vast majority of women in this group don’t want to quit forever. They’ve just realised they need to take a break as they’ve found themselves reaching for a drink more often than not.

What happens if I drink while I'm part of the group?

Nothing……. yep, that’s it!

Is there a minimum amount of time that I have to join for?

Nope! You pay each month as you go along and you can stay as long as you want! There is also an annual membership option which gives you two months free!

Will my friends on Facebook see that I've joined this group?

Nope! This group is completely private. The only people who will see your posts in the group are the other members.

This is it!

Make this the moment you finally make that change and invest in yourself!

Remember, it’s the equivalent of 3 bottles of wine a month. If you’re anything like me then you’d get through more than that in a week!




(2 months free)