1:1 & Group Coaching

For those who prefer a more personalised approach.

Have you been questioning your drinking habits recently? You wouldn't call yourself an alcoholic and go to AA, but you know you need a bit of help but aren't sure what's out there or where to go?

Do you reach for a glass when you've had a bad day at work? Does the booze come out for celebrations? It's the weekend, it's the holidays, it's your birthday, it's anyones birthday. Has any reason become a reason to drink?

Have your family or friends commented on how much you drink? Is your social media filled with drinking memes and GIFS? Are all your birthday cards drinking jokes? Perhaps wine o'clock has started coming round more often?

All 1:1 & group coaching sessions are held over Zoom, allowing us to chat from anywhere in the world. When you book a call, we can discuss the packages in more detail and I can answer any questions you may have.

Addressing your drinking habits is a very personal journey and I want you to be sure you fully understand the process and feel 100% comfortable and confident in choosing me as your coach.

      50 Days Dry: A 7-week small group coaching programme

      Only run twice a year, this programme is for women looking to re-address their relationship with alcohol by taking a 50 day break from booze.

      A group coaching environment provides a more affordable way to access personalised support.

      Each session will involve:

      • Learning about different alcohol related topics e.g. Dealing with cravings; Building heathier habits; Socialising sober; Subconscious vs conscious; Alcohol-led beliefs, Alcohols impact, Identifying triggers.
      • A facilitated group discussion around the topic.
      • Share your week (optional)- A chance for members to share how their week has gone and discuss any challenges/wins.

      This package includes:

      • 8 x 60 min group coaching sessions over Zoom (sessions will be recorded in case members are unable to make certain dates).
      • E-Workbook to support your learning
      • Whatsapp/Messenger Group for support between the sessions


      Spaces are now open for the next group coaching programme starting on Tue 1st March.

      Max 5 spaces, book your call now!

      Breaking the Habit: 6-weeks 1:1 coaching

      This package is for women who are looking to break free from the cycle of reaching for a drink when things get hard.

      Throughout the sessions we will look at the science behind building healthier habits, identify your alcohol-led beliefs, look at your triggers and develop ways to deal with those situations without reaching for the booze!

      This package includes:

      • 6 x 1:1 sessions over Zoom
      • A Quit Literature Book delivered to your door

      I Quit:  12-weeks 1:1 Coaching

      This is for the woman who is done with alcohol, forever! Who is fed up of being on the endless merry-go-round of cutting down and then starting back again.

      This is for the woman who is ready to stand up and say “I Quit”.

      You may not know how to do it. You may not believe you can do it. But let me tell you this. If you are willing to do the work, if you are willing to make getting sober your priority, you can do this and I will be there with you every step of the way!

      This package includes:

      • 12 x 1:1 sessions over Zoom
      • Sober Support Bundle (incl. quit literature, AF drinks voucher, resources, journal etc)

      FREE Facebook Group

      A free group for women who are sober curious, moderating or sober. Receive reminders of how good life can be without the booze, learn the importance of self care and take part in competitions to win AF goodies.