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Don't know where to start? Need support to help you keep going?

Start making alcohol insignificant in your life. Today!


Have you been questioning your drinking habits recently? You wouldn’t call yourself an alcoholic and go to AA, but you know you need a bit of help and aren’t sure what’s out there or where to go?


Do you reach for a glass when you’ve had a bad day at work? Does the booze come out for celebrations? It’s the weekend, it’s the holidays, it’s your birthday, it’s anyones birthday. Has any reason become a reason to drink?


Have your family or friends commented on how much you drink? Is your social media filled with drinking memes and GIFS? Are all your birthday cards drinking jokes? Perhaps wine o’clock has started coming round more often?

FREE Online Community Support

A free group for women who are curious about getting sober. 

Receive reminders of how good life can be without the booze as well as learning the importance of self care. 

Sober Skin Sisters

Join a group of like-minded women who support each other through their sober (curious) journey. Discover a new virtual group of friends who champion each other in all aspects of life. As a member of the group you can access:

  • A private Facebook group for support, encouragement and community.
  • Weekly coaching videos
  • Weekly Strategy & Support sessions via Zoom
  • Monthly Goal Setting session
  • Monthly Challenges
  • ‘Quit Lit’ book club
  • Monthly ‘Self Care Spot’ where guests come and talk about a certain aspect of self care.
  • Bi-Monthly Zoom socials.

This group is home to women who are at varying stages of their sober journey but have one thing in common, they are empowered to never ‘have’ to drink again. And that is truly liberating. Join them today!

£15.99 per month

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 Try before you buy! We are so confident you will love this group, we offer a free 1 week trial and a complimentary 20 minute coaching call with Rhian. No tie in, no bank details, just fill out the form and you’re in! Click below.

This group has flicked a light on in my head. The support and knowledge I have gained in a week is quite overwhelming but in a positive way- I always thought I was alone and the only one.

I love that we are all on different stages in our journey, and have different end goals- from completely sober forever, to cutting down current levels of drinking. Regardless of our goal we are all able to share our thoughts, good days and bad days without judgement.

 60 Days Sober

An 8 week online course that will guide you through 60 days without alcohol.

You will receive:

  • 20 Coaching Videos
  • 20 Facebook lives to discuss the content of what you’ve learnt
  • An e-book & e-journal to support you through the programme
  • Your own exclusive FB community for all the women taking part in the challenge, so you can access support whenever you need it.
  • Access to the Sober Skin Sisters membership group for the duration of the programme.

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1:1 Coaching

This coaching is held over Zoom so we can chat from anywhere in the world! These dedicated sessions are personalised to you and your needs, because every woman is unique.

It’s important we chat before deciding whether to work together. This is a very personal journey and I want you to be sure that you feel totally comfortable and understand the process.

My First Sober Six Nations

For as long as I can remember the Six Nations has been an important period in my calendar! For those of you who don't know, the six nations is a rugby tournament that runs over 7 weeks with matches every weekend. Rugby is massive in Wales and is our national game....

Letter to my Drinking Self- 1 Year Sober

It is 14th March 2021. You are 1 year sober! You have gone through the last 365 days without having an alcoholic drink. I know? Right? I know you don't believe you can do it. Secretly you don't want to do it. But starting is the hardest part and today you take that...

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