Why I believe Alcohol Free (AF) drinks were key to my Sobriety.

Now this is a controversial point. There are two schools of thought with this. The first being that alcohol-free (AF) drinks are simply replacing alcohol, so you are simply replacing one drink with another and never get used to life without wanting alcohol. The second...

The real reason your friends don’t want you to quit drinking!

“What?”, “Like Really?”, “You’re kidding me?”, “Noooooo!”, “Why?” Any of these sound familiar? I would get this response every single time I mentioned I don’t drink any more. And I know I have said each of these, whilst I was still drinking, when someone would tell me...

My First Sober Six Nations

For as long as I can remember the Six Nations has been an important period in my calendar! For those of you who don't know, the six nations is a rugby tournament that runs over 7 weeks with matches every weekend. Rugby is massive in Wales and is our national game....

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