In My Sober Skin

How to quit drinking when you don’t have the willpower.

"I can't quit drinking, I don't have the willpower". Have you heard someone say this before? Maybe you've said it in the past? Maybe it's still what you believe? I remember saying and believing it for years. The fact of the matter is, quitting drinking is not simply...

Dry January done? Where next?

I attempted Dry January a number of times. I only completed it once, I was being sponsored, so I couldn't really not do it! So if you've managed to do it, well done! You should be proud of yourself. It's a really difficult thing to do in a normal January let alone one...

Why do we treat Alcohol differently to Drugs?

'Alcohol and Drugs' It's right there in that sentence. Those three words can be amalgamated into just one word -  drugs. Take the 'and' out and that is what you have. Alcohol is a drug, but for some reason has been given some special singular status that...

Don’t Wait Any Longer. 

Lets start making alcohol insignificant in your life. Today!

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