60 Days Sober

Join a group of like-minded women and start the programme that may just change your life!

Imagine if…

  • You were surrounded by women, just like you, who get you and understand your struggles.
  • You were able to go on a night out and happily not drink alcohol.
  • You didn’t feel the need for a drink every time you felt stressed, upset or angry.
  • Mornings filled with anxiety, wondering what you said or did the night before are a thing of the past.
  • You weren’t obsessed with the level of your wine glass!

An 8 week online programme that guides you through 60 days without alcohol. Helping women who are questioning their drinking habits by breaking the stigma of having a ‘drinking problem’ and them the tools to cut down or quit drinking , so they no longer feel ashamed. 

What women are saying…

I’ve done a lot of reflecting because of this programme. I’ve realised I’ve been drinking on and off since a young age and never really stopped to see alcohol for what it is and how it has affected my life. Your coaching, the plan, the group, the ladies- it all just works.


Project Manager

The ladies in this group are so supportive and caring. Fromn listening to the coaching videos and other peoples stories I could identify with a lot of what I was hearing and started to realise I was more reliant on alcohol than I had first thought. I now spend less money on alcohol and food and feel like a different person. Give it a try, you have nothing to lose.



I am enjoying learning the detail about what alcohol does to us internally and physically. When I drink I don’t think about the way it affects my brain, my body or my inhibitions. I like how Rhian explains things in a simple way so that we can understand and relate.



Are you Ready?

Have you heard enough?

Are you ready to commit and transform your views and experience?

This 8 week programme is a one-off payment of


Inside the programme

Coaching Videos

20 coaching videos throughout the programme that will cover every single area of alcohol from cravings to blackouts to moderation and everything in between.

E-Workbook & Journal

An e-workbook to support you through the coaching videos and help make the topics relevant to you. An e-journal to reflect and record your thought and feelings. 

Sober Skin Sisters FB Membership

Access to the Sober Skin Sisters membership group. You will get all the benefits from this membership including the fortnightly group Zoom calls for you to ask any questions you have about what you’ve been learning

What you gain…

  • Freedom to know you do not have to drink again. It is your decision.
  • A greater knowledge of what alcohol does to you physically and mentally.
  • Feeling empowered, to stand up to peer pressure from friends on a night out.
  • No more hangxiety, worrying about what you said or did the night before.
  • Peace of mind, knowing you are no longer damaging yourself.

  • A ready made community of like-minded friends who want the same things as you.
  • A much less clunky bottle bag on bin day. You know what I’m talking about!


What if I don't want to stop drinking forever?

It’s fine! The vast majority of women who take this programme don’t want to quit forever. It simply gives you all the information you need to know about alcohol and its impact on your life so, at the end of the programme, you can make a fully informed decision about how much you want to drink in future.

What happens if I drink while I'm part of the group? Will I be kicked off?

Absolutely not! I encourage women, if they happen to slip, to share it in the group. Throughout the 60 days everyone goes through periods of struggle. Knowing someone else is finding it hard can be really comforting too. Share your wins and share your slips. We learn from everything!

Do I have to have a Facebook account to join?

To access the programme content, no. The programme content is accessed through an online portal.

If you want to join the Sober Skin Sisters group, you will need a Facebook account (this is not mandatory. If you’d prefer to just have access to the portal that is fine, you can access all the programme content there). 

Will my friends on Facebook see that I've joined this group?

Nope! This group is completely private. The only people who will see your posts in the group are the other members.

This is it!

Make this the moment you finally make that change and invest in yourself!

Remember, the cost is the equivalent of 2 bottles of wine a week. If you’re anything like me then you’d get through more than that in a week!